Converting Old Buildings

Industrial areas are normally located on the outskirts of a city or town, but older ones may be nearer to the centre. Expansion over the years generally causes them to fall into disuse, and they may have stood empty for decades. Land is at a premium today, so converting old buildings from industrial uses to homes or apartments has become popular. If an old building is still viable for use, recycling it into a complex of homes has become profitable. There are many ways of reusing old buildings, but providing housing with an industrial look has become popular among buyers looking for a bit of history and interest as part of their purchase.

Getting Permits

It could seem to be difficult to change the zoning on an old building from industrial to residential, but it can be done. Many older buildings of this type that are still standing were used for light industrial purposes, or they were often warehouses in days gone by. The only time there is a difficult path leading to rezoning is when chemicals were part of the manufacturing process. A developer must then prove the site will not be a hazard to those who plan to purchase homes. A look through the companies and their manufacturing processes is often proof, and zoning board are often eager to have empty land put to productive use.

The Industrial Look

Apartment homes created from older buildings are often popular due to the industrial look. The clean lines and lack of covering over ducts and other fixtures draws people with an eye for function instead of decoration, and it has been a successful formula over the last few decades. Homes with high ceilings and wood floors often feel luxurious, and that is part of what these older buildings offer. Developers tend to use them because it costs much less to rework a standing and viable building than starting a new one. They can also count on the look and feel of an older property to give potential buyers the feel of the history, and many developers now take the time to add in information about the past uses of the building to help attract customers.

Outside Space

Many former industrial buildings had large parking lots that are no longer necessary, so converting the outside space into useful areas is part of the package. Some areas may become green lawns for residents to enjoy, and others can become walking paths made of colourful dried aggregates and resin bonded aggregates supplied by Pennine Aggregates. Beauty on the outside of any development is just as important as the inside of the homes. Walking paths today are important, and they can create a feeling of spaciousness all over the property.

The industrial look has been around for centuries, and it is still gaining popularity. While there are plenty of old buildings still able to be converted, those that have been are up for sale and ready for residents. Creating a great property where buyers will flock is all part of the work of the developers, and smart ones know they will need to retain some building history, create beautiful homes, and they will have to provide a stunning outside surrounding to get the best price for their work.